I Spent 50 Hours Buried Alive

This was the most insane thing I’ve ever done
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  • excuse me, who let chris man the digger thing

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  • May The Lord Jesus Christ blessed you and your family 🙏 Amen❤️

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  • May The Lord Jesus Christ blessed you and your family 🙏❤️

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  • Can you breathe tho ._.

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  • How did he breathe btw

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  • Cooooooooool

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  • How do you this much stuff and how do you have so much money

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  • 1:30 Technoblade!??!?!

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  • If. I die Don't. You cry Just look. At the sky And say. 👉 9:02

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  • You did it bro cheers that’s some real mind power and will cheee

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  • Jimmy: I am going to spent 50 hour buried alive Someone savage: My grand parents are doing this challenge for many years 😎

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    • Damn that's dark

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  • Imagine being buried alive that's insane

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  • “Yesterday Is History" “Tomorrow Is Mystery" “Today Is Gift"

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  • This is the most horrifying thing for me… my greatest fear. thanks for the trauma. Can I please get $10,000. for you triggering my PTSD!!

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  • My grandma has been doing this challenge for 9 years

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  • O ghost i think what about underwater the same concept ha ha

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  • How did you survive I was so worried😱

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  • Because you are the best

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  • If he wants to experience the real thing take the lights away from him and put him in a tight coffin or he can’t get comfortable

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  • *H O T R U S S I A N S S I N G L E S I N O U R A R E A*

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  • how do you breathe

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  • mrbeast my and my dad love youer videyos

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  • Dumb but interesting

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  • People with fear of being buried alive: Why am I hearing boss music?

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    • weeb

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    • It’s you again

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  • Please, Mr. Best, we want Arabic translation

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  • Gamer coffin

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  • I was so disturbed when they put the tombstone that way...

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  • Just watching this gave me severe anxiety. Like...I can't breathe very well while I lay in bed and watch this. 😳

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  • I wish you came out erly!

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  • My grandpa did this challenge he still going after 5 years

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  • Lol that was property the biggest coffin ever but it's still small?!

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  • Mr Beast: "Can you google if being buried alive during a tornado is safe? Karl and Chris: "Hot Russian singles in my area

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  • 7:22 *thought that was a skeleton hand there for a second*

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  • I’m feeling claustrophobic just watching this

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  • You guys know what would be cool if mr beast aka jimmy and lazar beam made a vid together

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  • When Chris said it's the last time seeing you in the outside world Jamie says good

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  • I’m extremely chlaustrophobic so I would probably quit before 50 hours. Good job man.

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