Why I Haven’t Been Uploading

This took way too long...
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  • Respect to MrBeast.thank you for your true word:)

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  • I would be doing the same if i knew i would make 10-20$ each time

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  • The hardwork u r doing is needed in competitive exams

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  • I feel bad for jim killing his arm but i know he loves us so he did this

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  • I love this

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  • Best regards from Pakistan 🇵🇰

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  • even he started with a sigh come the fuck on

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  • Credits to the editor from editing in every shirts

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  • I got the one that was signed

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  • How does he get his Energy everyday even tho his inside of the body is killing him especially his wrist

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  • I got one with a smiley face so I guess I got one from the beginning or at least when he wasn’t insane

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  • love u mrbeast

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  • Jimmy literally makes new records. Love from India

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  • I AM YOUR BIGGEST FAN!!!!!!!!!!

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  • is it available to buy outside the USA? I'm from the Philippines. Thank you so much

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  • sorry for all that you did

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  • The poeple flipping the shirts are underrated

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  • This is why we love you man...

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  • Why am I watching this in 2021?

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    • I am also- idk why either

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  • Mine says hi 🤩 it’s ONE OF A KIND!

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  • 29,666,507 views 666

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  • Oh no wonder Jimmy’s been gone so long ok then

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  • This is called hard-working

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  • Im sorry mrbeaist

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  • Mr beast atleast u get money

  • rip editor to write so many numbers

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  • Beast: UgH this sucks. the pen: Why are we still here, just to suffer...

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  • In future a question Who is the one who had the most signed ? Mr beast

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  • I am freaking out after 8 months

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  • And nerdy(his group)did made it.

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  • Think about it if you buy a shirt you give jimmy the money to buy some candy

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  • Jimmy is an awesome person.

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  • At least u got a lot of money

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  • 0:40 lol he warned

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  • I’ve had mine for a few months now and the signature is starting to fade off :/

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  • its going take all day to sign it all

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  • I got a 1 sing T-shirt

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  • The boxes goes :-------______---------_______-------_____----

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  • He suffered just for us ;)

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  • The markers Jimmy used probably can fill a drum 🤔

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  • This is how u know he cares bout his fans tysm Mr beast

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  • mrbeast is stoopid cris

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    • ??????

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  • no-visor

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  • Mrbeast:my hand fell off!

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  • You do have a moth

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  • carpel tunnel 💯

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  • Mb IM crying right now thank you so much I'm the biggest fan on Earth

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  • Sorry for that but I got the best shirt ever MB

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  • I feel sad for the guys that they got the signed shirt but his or her mom washed it up lol

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  • He is true to his fans for sure

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  • I dont have in my country 😞 plz 🙏 mr beast sell your merch in india i need so badly plzz 😍

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  • Jimmy u got dis

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  • so this is why you make a vids so long

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  • ok man, so now you just need to sign more 62,6 Millions shirt for us now :)))

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  • 1:45 doesn’t put a ding lol

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  • Love Mrbeast from India

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  • bad boy

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